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Corporate Plans

Choose a 10, 50 or 100 license plan for your team.

Receive a complementary license (admin) with the purchase of any of our corporate plans.

Using your dashboard, add or remove your staff to the program, as you see fit.

Benefits & program in a nutshell:

  • Receive a baseline cognitive ability assessment, for all of your subscribed staff (eg, ability to focus, cope with anxiety, communication skills level and many more cognitive dimensions)
  • Each license holder will receive a weekly lesson, that helps them enhance their different cognitive functions
  • Receive a post assessment report after each module is completed, to measure your staff’s progress
  • Bonus: start the team at the same time, to enhance the culture of cognitive enhancement across your organization

If your staff leaves your team, you can easily offer their license to another team member from your dashboard.

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Corp Annual 10
$2,400 / year
Includes 10 + 1 (admin) annual licenses
Corp Annual 50
$10,500 / year
Includes 50 + 1 (admin) annual licenses with a 10% discount
Corp Annual 100
$18,000 / year
Includes 100 + 1 (admin) annual licenses with a 10% discount