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"We're on a mission to help knowledge-workers reach their peak mental performance, in a measurable way, while relying on science"

Rokham Fard, CEO

Who we are

We’re a team of serial tech entrepreneurs and PhDs in psychology and neuroscience.

We previously built one of Canada’s 50 fastest growing tech companies and have a collective of 30+ years in research across various disciplines of psychology and neuroscience.

Together we’re able to combine two worlds that rarely meet – technology and psychology.

We understand what makes humans perform in today’s workplace. We utilize technology to deliver decades of research in simple and bite-sized lessons. In the meanwhile, leverage the latest technology to highly customize the experience for each individual.

We’re obsessed with helping individuals reach their peak mental performance, while offering something truly effective and highly affordable.

What we do

We offer a fully automated cognition coach that’s completely backed by science and offers measurable results.

Our cognition calculator measures an individual’s abilities across their key cognitive functions (eg, abilities such as focus, communication, overcoming anxiety, overcoming self-doubt, learning abilities, building resilience and many more).

Our automated cognition coach is then able to provide individuals with bite-sized and science-backed lessons to help them improve their various cognitive abilities.

Individuals are able to quantifiably measure their progress along the way, using our customized post-assessment tools.

Our cognition coach is designed to be affordable for organizations of all sizes and individuals alike. It’s meant to offer individuals, research-backed tactics, helping them reach their peak mental performance, in a measurable way.

Where we are

Our team is actually international and spans around the world. However our HQ is located in Toronto, Canada.

You can contact always contact us at info@PsychologyCompass.com