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An action-forward, research-based solution to enhance cognitive abilities and mental well-being of the modern knowledge-worker.

Understand how your team scores across their core cognitive functions and see their progress in real time.

Weekly personalized micro-habits for each member, to help them improve a specific cognitive function.

See quantified improvements on your team’s productivity, motivation and well-being, using our centralized dashboards.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most other solutions tend to fall under one of the categories below:

  1. Online courses on an LMS like system
  2. Workshops & in-group classes
  3. One-on-one coaching

However, PsychologyCompass offers something unique, based on the principle that “real change happens when individuals take small actions on a regular basis”. 

Today’s knowledge-worker is busy. That means they only have a few minutes to spare to learn something new (hence why online courses have a significant drop-off rate, after registration). 

They also need to see more immediate results from their efforts, to be convinced to increase their efforts. That’s why workshops are engaging and great while they last, but they don’t help create habits, which prevent the results to manifest.

And last but not least, one-on-one coaching is very valuable in the long term. But they tend to be expensive and not scalable. Therefore organizations are limited to offer them to their executives only (hence why the name “Executive Coaching”). 

PsychologyCompass is designed for the modern knowledge-worker. Offering bite-sized, weekly lessons to help instil good habits. While, offering each person with individualized progress reports along the way. 

This makes it really easy for organizations to:

  • Offer our program to as many team members as they see fit
  • Get a measurable return on their investment
  • And do so at an exponentially more affordable cost structure

This one is simple, because we actually measure outcome. 

Our studies have shown that 80%+ of our users see a significant boost in under 4 weeks of using our automated coach. Furthermore, we’ve seen a direct correlation between “effort put towards implementing our lessons” and “improvements achieved”.

Not to mention we have world class organizations such as Walmart, using our tools across their teams and enjoying the benefits.

We always would like to align our interests with our clients’. 

With that in mind and learnings from behavioral economics, we recommend the program is rolled out based on an “opt-in” basis. 

The reasonings behind them are two-fold:

  1. We don’t want organizations to spend a higher fee and offer a program to everyone, only to see a % of them utilizing it
  2. Research shows that those who opt-in themselves, are much more likely to follow-through with the program. Therefore increasing engagement as well as final outcomes.

However, we offer the ability to incrementally offer our program to more and more team members along the way. Making it a more deliberate and result-based expansion strategy for your team’s mental well-being and peak mental performance.

Actually completely the opposite.

We intentionally wanted to design a solution, where more people can afford it and therefore help elevate an organization as a whole. That’s why our coach is fully-automated.

Our solutions are exponentially less expensive compared to some other alternatives (eg, workshops, one-on-one coaching) and can easily be offered to any individual no matter where they’re located.

Request a Demo​​

Thank you for visiting our site and learning about our offerings. As much as we’d like to explain our offering in detail here, we believe seeing the product demo, makes it much more tangible.

So we highly recommend you request a demo where we can show you in more detail how our automated coach works and can help your organization.