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Peak mental performance

The first fully automated cognition coach, backed by science

Science backed lessons

Our team of PhDs reviews validated research in neuroscience, psychology and bio-chemistry. These findings get translated into actionable, bite-sized lessons.

Enhanced cognition

Lessons to cope with anxiety & self-doubt. Techniques to improve your focus & communication. Plus many more lessons designed to enhance multiple cognitive functions.

Quantified progress reports

We have built-in assessments to measure your progress over time. This allows you to track your individual growth, and see how you compare to your peers.

Get your unique Personality Fingerprint report

A unique assessment framework, measuring your key cognitive abilities

Improve your focus in under 4 weeks

Using our premium lessons, you can now boost your ability to focus by up to 110%, in under 4 weeks.

Our pilot results compiled across a group of leading entrepreneurs showed that 80% of our participants improved their focus and concentration.