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A fully-automated coach for

Knowledge Workers

Improve your team’s cognitive abilities and mental well-being on auto-pilot.
Improve mental performance
Prevent burnout and improve focus, communication, and other cognitive functions
Higher employee retention
Increased employee performance, combined with improved mental well-being, lowers your churn
Seamless global scale
A self-directed program allowing individuals to learn on their own time, when they’re most focused
Completely measurable ROI
Receive continuous and detailed assessments to quantify your team’s progress
How it works
Cognition calculator
Get an instant report card across your key cognitive functions
Bite-sized lessons
Weekly, science-backed lessons to implement & improve your cognition
Measurable progress
Measure your team’s progress with our continuous reporting along the way
Global scale
Scale the program to as many of your team members as you’d like, when you want

Cognition Calculator

Measure your ability across your key cognitive functions in under 4 minutes.


Corporate plans

Offer your team a fully-automated coach to enhance their cognition and mental well-being
Individual plans

Have a cognition coach in your pocket to help you reach your peak mental performance

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