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A personalized cognition coach

for your workforce​

Improve your team’s performance and protect their mental health on auto-pilot.

A cognition coach for every employee

  • 80%+ of our users see a significant boost, in the first 30 days of onboarding
  • Everything is backed by decades of research

Organization wide improvements




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mental health

How we deliver

Continuous tracking

Measure your team’s cognitive performance across over a dozen core functions

Improved behavioral health

Science-backed micro-habits, shown to improve behavioral health

Visible Impact

Real-time organization wide engagement and impact metrics

Curious about how it works for your organization?

Give your team a cognition coach in their pocket, that’s backed by science

What people say about us

Drew Cashmore
Head of Marketing

“Managers noticed a discernible positive impact on performance for those who were using the platform”

Walmart partnered with PsychologyCompass a year ago to help our teams prioritize personal and professional growth in a high-stress environment. Those who utilized the platform saw a significant increase in overall focus, memory and sleep quality and a decrease in anxiety and stress.

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  • Tracked Mental Performance

See how your team scores across their core cognitive functions and measure their progress in real time.

  • Personalized Coaching

Weekly personalized micro-habits for each member, to help them improve a specific cognitive function.

  • Measured Progress
Quantified improvements in productivity, motivation and well-being, with our centralized dashboards.