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Peak mental performance

A fully automated and measurable cognition coach

Baseline scores

Get a personal report card across your key cognitive functions

Bite-sized lessons

Receive weekly, tactical lessons to improve each cognitive function

Measurable progress

Using our assessment tools, measure your progress along the way

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Cognition calculator

Measure your ability across your
key cognitive functions
in under 4 minutes

Corporate plans

In today’s workplace, knowledge-workers are required to master their cognitive abilities and reach their peak mental performance, everyday.

Corporate leaders and managers are constantly faced with employees who lack focus, experience burnout, have sub-par communication skills and many other cognitive challenges in the new workplace.

However research in psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics can offer concrete and bite-sized solutions to help individuals improve these skills in a measurable way.

For the first time, you can offer your teams an automated, self-directed and quantifiable program to help them reach their peak mental performance.

Key benefits of our cognition coach

  • Fully automated and self-directed
  • Completely measurable (with both personal and aggregate reports)
  • A complete turn-key solution from beginning to end
  • Highly affordable
  • Location agnostic
  • Infinitely scalable (as there are no human coaches involved)
  • Continuous and habit forming

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