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Reach your peak mental performance

science backed tactics to maximize your cognition


Are you a top performer, working in a high-stress environment? If you are, then you have noticed the importance of achieving peak mental performance. It may be the key factor to your progress so far.

Everyone is capable of reaching their peak mental performance. But only top performers will put in the effort and achieve those heights. Once you realize how much better you can be, you’ll never stop the journey of inner growth.

If that describes you, then you have a growth mindset. The premium lessons on PsychologyCompass are designed for top achievers. Those who put in the effort, but also expect the results.

Our serial entrepreneurs and PhDs in Psychology & Neuroscience have come together, to accelerate your cognitive growth. Our self-directed, action-oriented programs are for the busy achievers. Those who need “pill-size” tactics, backed by scientific research. Habits that are easy to adopt and yield quantifiable results.

We understand that top performer are skeptical, because they value their time. That’s why each of our lessons contains:

  1. Detailed instructions on how to implement it
  2. A quick summary of what the academic community has uncovered
  3. How it effects the brain in understandable language
  4. The complete list of academic papers, that back up this tactic

Premium, science-backed tactics to improve your overall psychological functioning

What's included in the premium plan

Mental growth tactics backed by research in Psychology & Neurosciences

Quantifiable methods to measure your individual progress

Simple explainers on how each lesson improves your brain

Reference to all research papers used for each study


Premium, science-backed tactics to improve your overall psychological functioning