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Drown out the voice in your head that is anxiety

PsychologyCompass' module on
overcoming anxiety

Lessons are written by PhDs from top tier schools in Canada, US, UK, and Western Europe.

Lessons cite hundreds of medical journals, research papers, and clinical studies.

Lessons are tailored to gain maximum benefits. No time wasted and structured to help overcome anxiety.

Would you rather continue to struggle with anxiety? Probably not!

Anxiety is a crippling mental health issue. Do you often feel on edge, frustrated with others over little things, or unable to stop worrying.

Although struggling with anxiety can alienate you and make you feel like an outsider, fear not, because you are not alone. 


is just the tool you need to overcome feelings of anxiety, by utilizing the true power of your brain through evidence based treatments.​

Does this sound like you?

• Have you ever been paralyzed by indecision, overthinking each outcome and assuming the worst in each scenario?

• Are you not the best at dealing with stress, or do you find your ability to cope to be ineffective?

• Do you ever avoid social situations that are quite common, perhaps because you fear being criticized or embarrassed?

Have you ever laid in bed wide awake at night unable to sleep [or “and had trouble sleeping”] because your mind is racing?

See the thing is, the normal feeling of anxiety is only triggered by a problem or a situation. Like getting nerves right before you speak in a public presentation.

You on the other hand are overwhelmed, and anxiety takes over your day to day life. It’s almost as if you have these feelings all the time and these feelings are looking for problems, instead of having a situation that causes the feeling of anxiety. 

Common Misconception:

Having massive anxiety is something you’re stuck with for life

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way? The solution we’re offering doesn’t require any special expensive medical equipment. There isn’t any need for prescription drugs either.

This isn’t a pseudoscientific or alternative medicine approach either, that many see as a hoax or a placebo.

Instead, the solution is in the form of distilled research and clinical studies that are crafted into lessons written by PhDs that are meant to inherently change the way your brain works.

The brain can be trained like a muscle and can be improved. Although it may seem ambiguous to someone who isn’t familiar with cognitive psychology, anxiety is basically a learned bad mental habit. In more simplified terms, anxiety is basically one’s sensitivity to dealing with uncertainty.

With PsychologyCompass,
you can introduce new positive habits and effective coping strategies that will rewire your brain. The idea of Neural Plasticity essentially says that as you learn new abilities and form new habits, the structure of your brain changes.

PsychologyCompass can help change your brain for the better and overcome anxiety once and for all. The brain can be trained like a muscle and can be improved. Although it may seem ambiguous to someone who isn’t familiar with Cognitive Psychology, anxiety is basically a learned bad mental habit. In a more simplified understanding, anxiety is basically one’s sensitivity to dealing with uncertainty.

The other options out there are not as promising as


Let’s take a look at the alternatives. At the end of the day it is your choice.

We believe there hasn’t been a better solution to overcoming anxiety for most people before PsychologyCompass and here’s why.

1. Find a Therapist


Licensed therapists can provide good evidence-based help. But out of all the options, this will cost the most as therapists have high hourly rates.



It is not always easy to find a therapist’s style that you’re going to appreciate. It may take appointments from several different therapists before you find the one you feel comfortable with.

Stigma of breaking 

the ice and opening up

Especially for the anxious person, being able to openly talk about yourself to a complete stranger is stressful. It isn’t easy to build up that courage and open up.

2. Prescription Drugs

Not a permanent solution

Drugs are not supposed to be a permanent solution, and they generally treat the symptoms rather than the underlying cause. When doctors prescribe these drugs it’s meant to give the person struggling with anxiety a temporary ”lift” to help them get on the right track of coping with anxiety.

Side effects, physical and

health related

Prescription drugs tweak your body and brain chemistry. Taking prescription drugs long term may also have a negative effect on your body and could lead to more serious health issues down the road. Some consequences, like dependency or addiction, can be severe.

3. Alternative Medicine and other Pseudoscience

Concerns about credibility

Biggest issue is that these methods are not evidence based. That means they have not been scientifically tested or have been shown to be ineffective.

Potential health risk

With any medicine that is not evidence based, you could potentially have side effects that are even worse than prescription drugs.


Depending on the type of treatment and the provider, these methods can be just as expensive as getting a therapist and are typically not covered by health insurance.

Still Skeptical?

Let's answer those questions and clear up any doubt.

Our lessons aren’t just articles.

Don’t expect some lazy list article from a self improvement blog with 10 incomplete tips to overcome anxiety with no sources.

The lessons are crafted to track, measure and systemically improve cognitive functions. 

By using scientific research and medical studies to produce actionable advice, we offer a step-by-step path to quickly reach your peak mental performance.

The power of utilizing PhD Experts to write our lessons

Cognitive Psychologists design our lessons to improve mental habits and behaviours, which rewires your brain by leveraging Neural Plasticity.

Neural Plasticity – The ability to change our brain structures for our own benefits.

Our brain is a lot more malleable than we think. Our brains are made of neurons, which fire off electrical signals that travel around the brain and to the body. “Neural pathways” are how the signals travel. Bad habits are bad strong neural pathways.

When we introduce positive micro-habits, our brains build new neural pathways, which strengthens cognitive functions.

PsychologyCompass lessons are more than just articles – the lessons help strengthen cognitive functions and mental behaviour through research backed science.

To give you an idea, there will be “quick fixes” which are easy to implement and are meant to help cope in the moment. 

There are also micro-habits that have a more lasting compound effect when done consistently over a few weeks.

Still skeptical?

There is a “how it works” section where the science is stated and cited with an array of research to demystify why the quick fixes and micro-habits are proven to work.

We know, we are the same! We made the lessons with this idea in mind.

A funny but true quote states, “What’s the best diet in the world? It’s the one you stick with.”

We all want the path of least resistance, so we’ve structured our lessons to be easily digestible and easy to follow along.

  1. Our lessons can be implemented within minutes — Lessons are highly prescriptive, almost like taking a pill!
  1. The ideas are novel, which helps you easily remember and implement — You will lean into the novel ideas in our lessons because they are easy to remember, which will help you utilize the strategies more often, thus building those new neural pathways we were talking about earlier!

  2. It’s backed by science — The research used in our lessons come from experiments conducted in highly controlled environments as well as data collected in the real world.

When considering the value of our lessons, keep in mind that we commissioned the brightest minds in Psychology to develop them.

All of our lesson developers have PhDs in psychology, neuroscience, or behavioral economics and are experts in their fields.  

Every lesson has points that cite multiple research papers that support the recommendations.  

All of our PhDs who develop the lessons are from highly reputable universities in the US, Canada, Western Europe and the UK; trust their ability to disseminate the information.

While there are many articles out there about coping with anxiety, no other source compiles as many medical and clinical studies and distills it into digestible, easy-to-apply lessons like PsychologyCompass.

Can you access these research papers without PsychologyCompass? 

Yes, the average person can access these research papers, though many cost roughly $40+ each depending on the paper. 

Also you have to be able to understand these research papers, parse through hundreds of pages of information, and extract the value and turn it into a practical take away for you to overcome your anxiety.

Every module has hundreds of research papers that our experts have combed through. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it on trying to interpret all the information in the research when we’ve made it as easy to extract insights as possible.

We’ve intentionally built this for the busy person! Our research shows that it takes a maximum of 5-8 minutes to consume each lesson.

No quizzes or tests – lessons are more implementation focused!

In our own studies, within 30 days of onboarding 80%+ of the participants saw a significant boost (15% or more) in their cognitive functioning.

Those that were very active on the platform saw a 110% increase in the same time frame.

We brought in the brightest PhD Minds

in Psychology to help you defeat struggles with anxiety.

It’s time to make some real change!

You don’t have to struggle with the stress of anxiety anymore.

Imagine if the restlessness of your mind was now peaceful and calm.

Imagine if your ability to handle stress and uncomfortable situations was adept and you felt a new kind of confidence in yourself.

There isn’t any reason why this can’t be accomplished now. PsychologyCompass is here now to help you rewire your brain and defeat anxiety once and for all.

The sooner you start our lessons on coping with anxiety, the quicker you’re going to feel better.

Join us today!